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Aurora Travel Service
The Ticket
Aurora Travel Service Air Reservations
Importance of Exact Spelling of Name on your Ticket
Paying for your Airfare
  • Airline tickets are only useable on the airline for which they are purchased. 
  • Each ticket is for a specific flight, time and cities 
  • Lower cost tickets are usually not changeable, non-refundable and may carry additional restrictions. 
  • Each ticket is issued in a specific person's name and are usually non-transferable.
Aurora Travel Service takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients and tries to find the best itineraries, prices, ​and airports for their air travel.

We furnish our clients with the information they need when navigating the frequently "unfriendly" skies and help to make it a pleasant experience. 
Names on each ticket must be the exact spelling of the first and last names as they appear on the government-issued photo ID:  driver's license for domestic travel within the U.S.; U.S. passports for international travel. 

In addition to the name on your ticket, TSA now requires entering each passenger's complete name, including middle name or middle initial, and date of birth as it appears on the government-issued ID.
  • Checks and cash are NOT accepted as payment for Air Tickets
  • Credit/Debit Cards are accepted as payment
  • Payment in full is required at time of booking 
  • We may be able to hold a reservation overnight but the price is not guaranteed
  • Aurora Travel charges $35 per person, per airline, to issue each ticket, including exchanges and cancellations
Baggage Fees
Bag Fees vary with each airline and are determined by class of service, destination, and type (checked or carry-on). We advise that you click on one of the links below to check the current rules of the airline you're flying.
Cancellation or Change Fees
Airlines charge fees and penalties for changes and cancellations when a new ticket is reissued.  Domestic flights are usually $150 and international ranges from $250 - $300. In addition to the penalty fee any additional fare is collected. For example, if your original ticket was $200 and the new fare is $300, you pay the additional $100 in addition to the penalty fee.
American Airlines 
Jet Blue
British Airways
Airline Baggage Policy Links     Click on one of these below to view current bag policy and fees
Alaska Air
Aer Lingus
Frontier Air
United Airlines
IMPORTANT:  Real I.D. to be Required for Domestic U.S. Flights
Update:  Real I.D. deadline is now May 7, 2025
Please be aware that, due to the Real I.D. Act, travelers flying within the United States and its territories will need to have a compliant driver's license or state-issued Identification Cards, or you may use a U.S. passport or military I.D.  If you haven't renewed your Maryland driver's license in awhile, look for a star symbol on the front.  More information is available on the Department of Homeland Security Website at:
European Travel Information and Authorization System
Beginning in 2025, U.S. visitors to the 22 Schengen countries in Europe will need to provide a valid travel document and ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) authorization.  Applicants must have a valid U.S. passport, valid email address, and valid debit or credit card, and will have to answer some basic security questions upon arrival at a European Union border.  The service fee is expected to be 7 Euro per person.  The ETIAS authorization is expected to be valid for 3 years, and for trips of 90 days or less in duration.  You can see more information on ETIAS requirements and list of countries affected at: